Jaltest GRP

Garage Resource Planning, the workshop management solution that better suits Jaltest ecosystem.

GRP (Garage Resource Planning) is the workshop management software included with Jaltest Diagnostics that allows you to organise and administer your daily activity in an agile way.

It centralises the information of customers, vehicles and reports, it distributes the workload in an efficient way and it access the whole data base at any time and from everywhere.

The Jaltest Diagnostics GRP is the ideal solution for small, medium and big workshops, thanks to the different modes that it includes and that can be activated free of charge according to your needs.

Find out all its advantages and functionalities.

Client list module
Vehicle list module
Reports module (diagnosis, maintenance and ETM)Management and consulting of Jaltest reports (diagnosis, work orders, repair times, etc.)
Human Resources module
Workshop staff management.
Workshop management module
Register of work orders, tasks and time reports.
My Tasks module
Task assignation and management for each operator with a created user.
Reception module
Work order management and reception form.
Jaltest Telematics module
Reception and management of alarms emitted by the fleet manager or a vehicle driver with Jaltest telematics.
Information back-up
User account control
Max. 10
Data synchronisation among several PCs
Same link
Same company


The "Basic" mode includes basic management functionalities and it will be activated by default with the acquisition of Jaltest Diagnostics. You will find it useful to create an easy data base in case you have only a diagnostics tool and a PC at your working place.


The "Synchro" mode includes some extra functionalities in comparison with the "Basic" mode and it offers an added value by allowing the data base created to be hosted in the cloud. This allows all information to be synchronised and shared among different PCs of one workshop or workshop network and to always be available and updated.


The "Enterprise" mode is the most complete one among the four available modes and it is the one recommended by Jaltest for our users and customers. It includes all the necessary functionalities to optimise the daily activity of your company and the host of information registered in the cloud. This way, it will be possible to access it at all times and from any PC within your own workshop or a workshop network.


The "Network" mode has been developed by Jaltest Diagnostics in order to create networks among partner repair companies that want to share information with each other. In this way, each workshop or workshop network would have its own GRP in Synchro or Enterprise mode and would be able to display all diagnostics reports generated by their partners of those vehicles that they both usually deal with.


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Jaltest GRP is our optimised workshop management solution. It allows you to share client information, vehicle data, diagnostics reports, work order management, repair times and much more.

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