A training-oriented mobile test bench allowing measurement taking, ECU data and component actuation.

2S/2M (two sensors and two modulators)

Elements in the suitcase:

  • 2 x brake cylinders
  • 2 x speed sensors
  • Failure lamp (simulated with a red LED)
  • Pneumatic supply socket by quick plug
  • Trailer diagnosis connector (it allows connecting with Jaltest via direct connector JDC 103.2 via multipins)
  • ISO7638 connector (it connects the lines indicated by this standard with the, corresponding ones in the EBS valve)



  • Pressure
  • Speed
  • Voltage


ECU Data

  • Type of ECU
  • Reference
  • Manufacturing date
  • Serial number
  • Software version



  • Copy of parameters from the valve to the PC
  • Load parameters from VCI
  • Visualisation of parameters
  • Modification of parameters


Components Actuation

  • Braking simulation
  • Active diagnosis of the valve


Additional Information

Dimensions 515 x 415 x 200mm
Weight 11Kg