Jaltest Tools - Learn more about the full range at www.jaltest.co.uk

The new Jaltest Tools product range is designed to supply the workshop with high-quality professional equipment, consistent with the current digital technology of commercial vehicles.

These products, together with Jaltest Diagnostics, will facilitate the most advanced diagnostic and maintenance tasks of the vehicles easily and intuitively, both at software level and at manual and testing task level.

  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: All the tools of Jaltest Tools have been developed by the specialized engineering team of Cojali, adapting to the specific needs of more than 25.000 of its customers. In addition, they have been deeply tested to ensure their optimal performance.
  • COMPATIBILITY WITH JALTEST DEVICES: Jaltest Tools ensures the comfort of having the same and compatible devices from the same supplier, facilitating the repair, recalibrated and maintenance processes regardless of model and brand of the vehicle.
  • MODERNIZATION AND PROFESSIONALISM: Cojali is aware of the constant evolution of the sector and the added value that entails the most advanced techniques for the workshop. These techniques allow it to address the new incidents present in the vehicle whose electronic systems are increasingly advanced.<br>
  • SAVINGS IN REPAIR TIMES: Having precise and easy to use tools guarantees the quick action and cost savings in labour, allowing the workshop to deal with a higher number of vehicles more efficiently and in the shortest time of period.


Jaltest ADAS Calibration Equipment

ADAS calibration equipment composed of two main mobile frames, two wheel centering connection tools with laser pointers and three interchangeable panels depending on the brand and type of vehicle. It is characterised by fast assembly and easy handling.

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Jaltest Tools - Learn more about the full range at www.jaltest.co.uk

Jaltest PTE

Jaltest PTE (Portable Trailer e-Supply) is a portable device whose main objective is the verification of electrical signals of lighting and communication that are transferred from the tractor head to the trailer, such as lights, turn signals and CAN communication.

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ESB (Electronic Simulation Bench)

With Jaltest ESB, it is possible to verify the correct operation of electronic control units of commercial vehicles, simulate all input signals and read the output signals, and perform diagnosis of the ECU simultaneously. Also, it has documentation specific to repair different faults in electronic control units and check guidelines to verify the correct operation of the ECU.

Jaltest ESB simulation equipment will make possible the diagnosis, repair and test of electronic control units for commercial vehicles by:

  • Simulation of ECUs input signals.
  • Reading of output signals.
  • Access to repair documentation.
  • Access to check guidelines.


Jaltest SST (Speed Sensor Tester)

The speed sensor test or Speed Sensor Tester (SST) is a device that allows you to check the status of both passive and active speed sensors. In addition, it allows you to simulate signals of these types of sensors to verify the behaviour of the control unit.

In case of failure or malfunction, the Speed Sensor Tester (SST) allows you to quickly detect if the damaged component correspond to the speed sensor, by contrast, correspond to the control unit, which does not process the signal correctly. Also, it allows you to know if the problem is related to the power supply, short circuit or open circuit. In this way, it is possible to avoid other laborious and complex tests.


Jaltest Tools

Jaltest ETM (Electronic Test Module)

Additional module of Jaltest software that isolates and verifies the electronic modules and sensors installed in commercial vehicles, in order to:

  • Avoid wrong diagnosis and the replacement of components due to problems with the wiring or the control unit itself.
  • Perform accurate and advanced diagnosis of the complete integrity of the EBS modulators.
  • Perform an End of Line (EOL) test to ensure the correct operation of the components.
  • Provide coverage in the most important suppliers of EBS modulators; Knorr-Bremse and Wabco, as well as in their different generations.

Types of modules and sensors subject of verification:

  • EBS modulators.
  • Trailer control modules.
  • ABS/EBS inductive wheel speed sensors.
  • Brake pad wearing sensors.

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Electronic equipment

Jaltest Tools, based on its great experience in workshop diagnostic equipment, has developed a wide variety of instruments to be used in a complementary and frequently manner in order to perform diagnosis and any subsequent action on the vehicle correctly.

  • Multifunction laser distance measurer
  • LED lamps


Special tool

Specific equipment necessary for operations of maintenance and repair in essential component of the vehicle, such as gearbox or engine.