Jaltest SST is an equipment designed to check the correct operation of active and passive speed sensors, as well as to simulate both sensors to detect possible errors in the ECUs to which they are connected.

In the event of failure or malfunction, with Jaltest SST it is possible to quickly detect whether the damaged component is the speed sensor or, on the contrary, it is the control unit that does not process the signal correctly. It is also possible to know if it is a power supply problem, short circuit or open circuit. This avoids the need for laborious and complex tests.


Jaltest SST advantages

  • It performs diagnosis directly in:
    • Active speed sensors.
    • Passive speed sensors.
  • It allows sensor diagnosis. Open circuit or short circuit.
  • It is adapted to all sensor connectors.
  • It simulates signals of a speed sensor. Perfect for:
    • Cable verification.
    • Connector verification.
    • Control unit verification.
  • Jaltest SST is the perfect complement for Jaltest Diagnostics.
  • One button does it all.
  • Vehicle does not require road test after repair.
  • It is also possible to test and simulate other speed sensors of the engine and gearbox.
  • More intuitive to use than oscilloscopes and multimeters.
  • Visual verification of signal emitted by the speed sensor.


Technical features

  • Check of passive and active speed sensors.
  • Sensor reading and simulation in ECU.
  • LEDs to indicate mode and possible errors.
  • Quick detection of failures.
  • Portable.